Spearfishing season kicks off !

Well I know I last week I mentioned this time of year is our transition period and IT IS, but it really looked like we were turning the corner quickly into our summer fishing species.

Apparently, I was a little too optimistic.

Seems like Mother Nature has a different plan. This week we started out with strong, cool coromuel’s in the morning turning West and strong in the afternoon. The water temperature cooled down a bit to 70-71 degrees and the water is a little greener, and if that wasn’t enough the moon is full and brighter then ever. Bait is still very plentiful both Mackerel and Caballitos and can be made or purchased. The Sardines are very nice and being sold on the way out to the fishing grounds.
The Yellowtail are still in their usual places around Espíritu Santos island. El Bajo and Bajo seco being the best places, just fewer numbers although nicer quality. The fish that were caught last week were all post spawn so I would imagine we are getting close to the end. Cabrilla and Pargo are still in the plenty these days hanging around on their typical rocky homes.

The Tuna that were getting us all excited last week apparently have taken a break, non we’re caught nor did we even get a glimpse of them breezing around.. Perhaps moon-related.

We did send a few boats to Las Animas, ( long days) one group did a 3-day spearfishing adventure. The trip was epic, lots of fish. The weather was incredible San Jose island blocked the winds from the west and the Coromuel’s didn’t reach that far north. Our spearfishing branch Pistoleros Del Mar first multi-day trip shot their share of yellowtail and cabrilla but it is worth noting that the quality of fish they got was the best we have seen all year in the 30-40 lb class.

As for the traditional fishing boats, rod and reel, they all got their limits. The amazing thing is, when I say limited out I mean they did this in a matter of a couple of hours of fishing. These fish were caught primarily on Mackerel and 8oz sinkers. The boats equipped with downriggers were tearing it up trolling baits at 165ft on the south end of the rock. Sometimes the bites were only minutes apart.

As I’m writing this report the weather has finally seemed to stabilize the moon is now in half phase and a couple of boats saw the Tuna breezing up around el Bajito as well as the seamount. One boat this week had a small school of Tuna breeze 3 meters past their boat, they threw everything they had but no interest. I think once the water warms and clears up a bit the game will change.

That’s it for this week.