Spearfishing Season Starts



Now that summer is officially here Mother Nature has really turned up the heat.
Saturday’s high reached 105 degrees, throw in a touch of humidity and yuk.
That being said the stability of the summer weather pattern is quickly improving the water conditions. Inshore the water is still a little off color and cool but, offshore around the seamounts and Cerralvo island the water is beautiful, blue and in the mid 80’s.


The bait conditions are still favorable with plenty of mackerel to be made in the bay, and sardines which are for sale on the way to the fishing grounds. These are the largest sardines I’ve ever seen. Baco also has plenty of Calimar for sale, a tuna favorite.

Our anglers that targeted the typical spring variety of fish, pargo, cabrilla, and AmberJacks were not disappointed. As these fish are still hanging around on the rocky spots. We had a spearfishing group on a 3-day trip get their limits of Pez Fuertes as well as Cubera Snapper to 40 lbs. Our Pelagic’s, Tuna and Dorado are still in transition. The captains are finding the fish most days but they haven’t seemed to settle Into any particular spot. One day they’re in one spot and the next somewhere else. We have had some luck locating the tuna traveling under the porpoise schools well within our fishing range but the fish have been small, great on light tackle but it’s risky to go too light and busted, you never know when the big boys are going to come up.

Friday we had a couple of boats locate a school of porpoise holding fish but as soon as we started catching fish a seiner came in scooped up the entire school of juvenile non-breeding fish and took the entire lot. This type of irresponsible behavior will end the the season before it even gets started.

On the south end of Cerralvo island the strip marlin action has been epic. These fish are not adults but are fun to catch and more fun to watch as they spend more time in the air than in the water. To that end, I truly believe our season is underway. The water conditions should continue to improve along with fishing. Hopefully, the seiners will find somewhere else to do the nasty deeds and all will be fine. LETS HOPE.

Looking forward to a great week

Keep the faith