Spearfishing Insanity

Weather and Bait

Another week in the books as May came to a close, and we really don’t have much new to report. Not a bad thing, just nothing new. The weather is still in Spring mode, cool mornings, beautiful afternoons. The coromuel winds have been strong in the mornings turning into either Westerlies or winds out of the North calming down by noon. We are starting to see a rise in water temps, a good thing as that should help encourage the Pelagic’s to find their summer haunts. Bait is still plentiful in the bay for purchase as well as the seamounts are starting to hold large amounts of chihuili and Bolitos. These baits are candy for the Tuna and Stripe Marlin on a slow troll.

Spearfishing Insanity

The best season for underwater hunting is here and the crew at Pistoleros Del Mar knows it. Some of last week’s photos actually made the rounds and in just a couple of days we had yet another batch of spearos coming down to get their share of the tasty Amberjack. Last week we smoked a few fillets, and they were so good that we even made an explanatory video on how we process the fish and in this case, how we smoke it as well.

This is just the beginning, as we’re eager to see some other pelagics on our grills in the next few weeks. The summer solstice is inching in and we’re also fine-tuning the next few waves of visitors, specifically here to do the longer sort of trips, like the few Liveaboards we have lined up, for the spearfishing crew, these are exciting times, almost too exciting and even leaning towards a healthy kind of Insanity, just out of how much fish we’re putting people on.

Wildlife Tourism on a Break

With the whalesharks long gone, Whales on the way back up north and the SeaLions beginning their reproductive season, we’re kind of glad that June, July and August will give us more time to focus on fishing. The authorities establish a “break” from humans so the Sea Lion colonies get some privacy and can take care of the newborns as well as engage in their mating rituals without curious humans bobbing around their homes.

This doesn’t mean that those who are interested in wildlife won’t be able to enjoy a regular tour day, since we have the presence of big schools of Mobula Rays, and the usual sightings of porpoise pods. Beach picnics are also in order, and of course, enjoying some of our catch as we have been putting some of our own fish on the menu for regular day trips. The water is warming and clearing up, opening the season for SCUBA and Freediving activities around the wrecks and reefs, giving us a wide variety of things to offer.

All the signs are there for a promising season. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Will update next week hopefully with breaking news.

Keep the faith.