September Strike Missions

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. The last week of the month has proven to show our guests and our crew the best fishing of the month. With the Tuna bite wide open, our boats have been landing tuna between 50 and 120 pounds through the week, which prompted the team to go on a subsequent strike mission that also delivered some pretty good bites.

Although the weather seemed to be quite stable, there seems to be a couple of systems already forming in the Pacific, the first being hurricane Rosa expected to hit cooler waters over the weekend and steer clear of southern Baja once the storm degrades and steers north-northeast. We’re still within the last few weeks of hurricane season and it’s when we need to stay alert and keep up with developing weather systems, but so far, we’re still on schedule for our upcoming MagBay and Pacific Camp operations to begin for the fall madness.

Read on to see what’s been being caught and some other interesting things going on here at BACo.

We go where the fish are


We don’t take fishing lightly, and we’re still testing some new lines, rods, and reels which we recently added to our gear stock. It’s been working like a charm. There isn’t a better feeling than wetting a new leader with some fresh bait and getting a bite within minutes. The size of the fish we’ve been hooking has increased as well and there’s always some small sense of pleasure of having reliable equipment and a supportive crew that get the job done quite well.

Although we put a lot of trust on our GPS and Fishfinder equipment, we trust the intimate knowledge of the local waters that our captains have. The best part is they love fishing just as much as we do, and in some cases even more. This is why we’re already planning the first trips to the pacific shores of baja, which might be a little more rugged and isolated, but the fish is definitely world class.

We will be moving a couple of our boats over to have the flexibility of changing plans and going where the fish are.

Fall is Here


As Fall season takes over the summer, we’re ready to start our Whaleshark Excursions, which can be combined with some of our other activities to have a day full of adventures for the thrill seekers. There’s also been a lot of sardine moving around the Espiritu Santo Island, which is a nice sign of a thriving ecosystem all around La Paz bay. The characteristic billfish season is beginning to take shape, and other fish like Wahoo and Dorado are being caught around La Paz. It’s around October that we see the epic Marlin Runs, which are quite the sight, not just for anglers, but for anyone who dares to get in the water to see one of the fastest fishes in the ocean in action.

The Early Bird gets the Fish


We strive to be the first ones out there, and we’ve been working on our logistics so we can get out the dock and en route faster. Timing is everything, and we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such good catches if it wasn’t for our team members who are eager to rise early with the anticipation of a day out at sea. When you completely trust your team, your boat and your gear, magic things happen and in this case, we broke the 100-pound weight on a couple of YellowFin Tuna.

This is why we appreciate all of the clients that have made this possible and have put their trust in us.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon !