September Delivers !

As the Summer heat begins to recede, September has so far delivered the fishing trips of a lifetime for many of our recent visitors, who have ventured out to our most prolific spots and landed some decent fish. Some of them went straight to the grill, others got vacuum packed, frozen and shipped home, while as of writing this, we’re letting a couple of wahoos on ice to let the meat rest before becoming a truly delicious sashimi feast.

Not only did we see stable and fair weather conditions, we have been testing out a few new additions to our gear locker, including some new rods, reels, lines, lures, belts and many more angler’s toys that separate the men from the boys. All in all, we’re really excited for what’s to come, as we will continue to welcome Anglers and Spearos looking for the catch of their lifetimes.

Read on to see what we caught this week !

The Fish

Just when it seemed that Tuna sizes were decreasing we landed a few beasts around the 50-70 pound range. We also reeled in a couple of Mahi Mahi that exceeded our expectations, since we had also seen some slightly smaller fish biting the hook. Some other hookups included a couple of Marlin that were caught and released and a few feisty Wahoo’s that managed to break a leader. However, our simultaneous spearfishing charters succeeded in spearing and boating a few which will be savored this weekend.


Just when we thought the spearfishing action was slowing down here in the vicinity of the Bay of La Paz and were looking at the possibility of doing a quick mission around the Cabo area, we had a couple of successful strike missions to our go-to spots. Furthermore, the crew enjoyed sights of decent sized schools of Tuna, Wahoo and a few billfish making the rounds. This can only mean one thing, which is that the fish are hungry. Since we’re also hungry, we might as well go out, spear some fish and enjoy the company of our friends.

Fall Season

We’re really excited with a couple of new developing projects and we will let you all know what’s up as soon as we’re ready to kickstart full swing fall season. In the meantime, we’re back on track with Sea Lion Snorkeling trips on our Espiritu Santo Adventures while we wait the remaining 3 weeks for the Whaleshark Season, which is just around the bend.

Remember that our charters and activities are fully customizable, family friendly and of course based around true adventures.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon!