No Bad Days in Baja

There are no bad days in Baja. Rain or shine, we’re always thinking positively and making the best of our days. As the best fishing season progresses, we’re enjoying the cloudy days we’ve had lately, which is a nice break from the harsh summer sun. With another week that is coming to an end, there was a slight slowdown in the most prolific fishing spots around La Paz, but we’re hoping this is only a small hiatus, given the variations in weather patterns, water temperatures and currents shifting around.

Read on to find out what we’ve been up to and why we truly believe there is no such thing as a bad day.

The Weather

We have seen a couple of weather systems move in from the North East, which is a lot less common like the usual storms that come from the south. This has been great because we got some rain but not a lot of wind, which usually stirs up the water and can sometimes spook the fish for a few days. Thankfully the hurricane season has been gentle and we haven’t seen any major storms developing in the Pacific.

Sea surface temperatures have been a little warmer, ranging from 84º to 88ºF which is just about the same as last week.

The Fish

Tuna bites slowed down a little bit lately, but the Mahis are still taking the bait. There’s still lots of Sardines all around the area and we have been getting some good amounts of fish with very little bait. Our guests have enjoyed some tasty ceviche, and we were glad to vacuum pack & freeze some nice fillets for them to take back home.


We just went out to a couple of our favorite spearfishing spots, which have provided some nice pargos, cabrillas and even a couple of triggerfish that this freshwater lake couple has enjoyed with some salty treats on the side, bringing fresh fish for dinner never looked so good as an anniversary getaway!

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon!