Milestone Month !

It’s been an incredible journey for us at BACo, and we’re proud to achieve yet another social media milestone, in this case reaching past 3000 followers on Instagram! This comes after a lot of effort to post only the very best photos and videos on our platform, building what we hope will become one of the most influential social media profiles in all of Baja Sur!

We couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of all of our guests who avidly post their photos with our hashtags and that engage with the content we create. Furthermore, we’re excited for what’s yet to come, as we’re beginning to explore a more organic viewing experience through IGTV and vertical video.

Read on to find out what else happened this week in regards to the weather and the fishing action.

Happy Birthday Captain Cundo!


If you’ve been out with us before, you probably know Cundo. He’s an avid fisherman and one of our most dedicated fishing captains. To celebrate, we went fishing and struck some good luck with a few tuna bites which we managed to land. We’re proud to have him in our team and this report is dedicated to another milestone in his life. May you have many more good days of fishing ahead !!

Salud !

Goodbye Summer


We might be one day away from the Equinox, which means that Summer is over. What isn’t over though is the yearning to spew some crimson colored blood on our decks with the upcoming Pacific fishing season. As we’re looking back on all of our fishing frenzies with our friends, we’re definitely glad to have had one of the best and most productive seasons so far.

Good amounts of bait have been swirling around in the bay and there has been a steady supply of sardine which has worked wonders with getting the Mahi to bite. Tuna bite has had more pickiness to it, but we’ve had successful tuna bites on squid. Furthermore, the water has maintained a nice shade of blue and surprising clarity. We’ve also seen some Marlin here and there, although not many boats have been out on the hunt for billfish just yet.

We’re also glad to have had a little bit of rain come through Baja Sur this week, as we had a nice break from the typical scorching heat that September brings. All in all, it was the perfect week with many reasons to celebrate, many exciting projects to look forward to, and most importantly, having plenty of fish in the freezer to put food on our tables.

This is the sort of feeling that comes when you do what you love for a living and get to share it with like-minded folks who share the same passion for the running reels, the epic fights and the tastiest feasts.

Small Fish / Big Fun


Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first timer, remember that when it comes to fishing, it doesn’t matter how small the fish might be, as long as the fun factor stays big. With not much more to celebrate this week, we wave off towards the weekend and the rewards that roam beneath the blue.

We are one week away from beginning our fishing season in MAGBAY and a little secret gem on the Pacific that we hope will deliver during fall and winter seasons.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon !