June Is Good, and getting Better



Finally starting to get hot, and a little humid as well, Though we’re already turning on the AC here in the office during the afternoons, we still got the cool breeze at night. Despite the water getting a little murky on the southern spots, a quick trip up to the northern Islands yielded some good mixed bags for the multi-day trips that we had this week.

Spearfishing Score


With Improving patches of water here and there, the spearfishing crew Los Pistoleros del Mar headed up north as far as Santa Cruz, where they dove in warmer, clearer waters and had good success with a Zero to Hero training session that put novice freedivers on good sized fish and of course got them excited about the next voyages where bigger pelagics will be the main target; Rod & Reel has been decent on well-targeted spots, though not as good as it will eventually get in just a few weeks.

The Kitchen is busy right now, packing and freezing some of the fish, while some more will go through our Mason Jar canning and Smoking processes, when they will eventually become meals for upcoming charters. We’re definitely proud of having a streamlined supply of fish over the last few months.

Pargo, Cabrilla, Pez Fuerte, Cubera and Mulato have shown up here and there, and the occasional Yellowtail still biting the hooks.

Conditions can only improve from here, and although the Baja summer heat is starting to arrive, we’re still amped up for the season ahead.

Keep the faith