July Heat Starts



Dog Days of Summer, that phrase comes from the ancient Romans meaning the hottest and most humid days of the year. It also has a correlation to ancient astrology but that’s for a different time. Ok, so those of you who complained all spring of the cold weather and prayed for warmer times can now stop. It is officially HOT. The average high for the week was 101 degrees, one day even setting a record of 107. Water conditions are starting to improve, unfortunately, we had a hurricane out in the Pacific, Barbara that created a large swell and strong southerly winds that pushed cold water up the gulf. This event is still happening but is definitely slowing down. Great for the surfers bad for the fishing.

We still have e plenty of bait, all of out typical varieties are available to either catch or purchase on your way out.



That being said things are starting to improve.

We have large patches of sargasso around Espíritu Santos island holding some quality Dorado. The key here is to go paddy hopping, as you approach each paddy to throw a few sardines out and watch. If anyone is home you’ll know within seconds. We had one boat paddy hopping on Thursday morning off Bonanza. They picked up a couple of nice 25 pounders, unfortunately just as things were starting to heat up a pod of Orcas came in right under the boat, aka the killer whales, and that was that.

The cold water AJ’s are still thick as ever North of us. The spear fisherman are all over that action, shooting their limits daily.
Regarding the ever so coveted tuna, well that’s been challenging. We are still picking up footballs under the porpoises but the larger fish that normally find refuge around the seamounts still haven’t moved in. We hear about one here one there but not much else to report. I would say any day now but, I’ve said that so many times already I’m starting to get embarrassed.

There are large schools of the Pacific bonito on the seamounts. They are very good eating and a blast on light tackle.
Cabrilla, Pargo, and triggers are still plentiful on the rocky areas, nice variety and great eating.
All in all the fishing is slower then we would expect for this time of year but everyone left with full coolers of great eating fare.

That’s it for now
Keep the faith