July Jamming



As we stated last week our weather is hot hot hot. Not untypical for this time of year although the humidity has stepped up a little more then usual for mid July.
The coromuel winds have definitely settled in to the normal summer routine which should help stabilize our waters. We are getting a fair number of early storms down south but fortunately, they are all swinging way out west of us.

The water is still split, inshore we are green and dirty, offshore the water is blue and primed for our summer Pelagic’s to migrate in.



Bait is still plentiful, nothing has changed in the past couple of months.
There’s definitely more surface bait on the seamounts which very encouraging.

We had heavy charter activity this week, including 2 multi-day trips, Spearfishing, and traditional rod and reel. Same as last week our spear fisherman headed to the more northern areas targeting Almaco Jacks, cabrilla and Pargo. These fish are normally nowhere to be found this late in the season but, they are here and they are plentiful. The Dorado activity is heating up around the islands and these fish are quality not the peanuts we caught in the past years. Our guides are still paddy hopping throwing sardines around the sargasso as they float by. If someone’s home they’ll let you know.

We have seen an increase in marlin activity offshore where the water is warmer.

The striped marlin is still on the smaller size but plentiful and our first season blue was caught and released. EST weight 250 lbs. Tuna are still a no show, there is the occasional one here one there thing going on but that’s it. I believe the tuna is just hanging offshore out of range due to the water conditions on our seamounts, as soon as this changes those fish should come in.

Again all and all the fishing isn’t wide open but the fish that are being caught are of nice quality and variety.
The weather forecast for next week looks great, this may be all we need to get the summer big boys on a rage. Fingers crossed
Hope to see some of you out on the water soon.
Keep the faith