Goodbye July !

Weather & Bait


As we say bye to July, all aspects of summer seem to be in place. The Coromuels (south winds) are blowing most mornings tailing off around 10am. The mornings temperatures are nice with the cool breeze giving way to typical sweltering heat in the afternoon (praying for wind). Earlier in the week we had a couple of late afternoon thundershowers accompanied by isolated squalls. All this is very normal weather activity for mid summer.

Regarding the bait, that situation has definitely changed. The larger baits , Caballitos and Mackerel that were back in the bay are not to be found. This normally happens when the water starts to warm. The local pangeros are still making sardines between Balandra and Tecolote and are happy to fill you bait tanks. Slabs of squid are also available, just ask your captain we readily keep a ample supply on hand —-Tuna candy.

Fish Talk


Unfortunately the fishing is been a little more difficult to figure out than the weather and bait. It seems like every week something happens to change the water conditions. We are currently experiencing water temperature ranging from 79-84 degrees and water clarity from beautiful deep marine blue to chocolate milk.
That being said the fish are hanging in there just their locations change daily. Around the island we are catching are typical rocky bottom Cabrilla, Pargo, trigger fish and occasional tuna. The tuna seem to be doing a loop around the island, perhaps looking to feed or more comfortable water conditions, hard to say, because one day they’re here the next day they’re somewhere else.

On the seamounts the water is clearing up daily. Hopefully better days to come. The amount of bait holding at the Bajo is staggering. Schools of chihuil are so thick you can spot them at a distance. Later in the week the seamounts were covered with sargasso which made for some exciting Dorado action with Sardines. There are large numbers of Stripe Marlin on the seamounts. These fish have not been large, 40 kilos, but plentiful. Pin a couple of Chihuil on and slow troll around the banks, it won’t take long before you’re bit. Some days our folks are catching and releasing 3-5 per day. Again the tuna have been popping up around el Bajo and el Charro but nothing consistent. Wahoo activity none whatsoever.

All in all we are off to a bit of a slow start but, everyone’s going home with fish.
Our season is really just getting started so I’m sure we’re just one report away from wide open craziness.

That’s it for this week.
Keep the faith