Full Fall Mode On

We missed last week’s report because we’ve been full on busy getting ready to kickstart our Pacific seasons, both at Rancho La Aguja and MagBay. We have finally on the other side of the fence, and we’re heading down there tomorrow to officially inaugurate our favorite season of the year. Read on to find out more about what’s been going on lately…

New boat, fresh Blood!


There are very few feelings that can compare to the satisfaction of reeling in a 90+ pound tuna, and a couple of 50-60 pounders on the maiden voyage of a new boat. Fresh blood was spilled on it’s decks and we’re super stoked about all of the charters ahead of our custom-made, 23′ boat that will begin it’s upcoming season in the pacific. More on that on the next paragraph. There’s not much we can say but how consistent the fishing has stayed on the sea of cortez side, getting some hookups with squid & sardine too.

Green Light for La Aguja and MagBay


The camps are set, the boat’s are ready and the first day of the Pacific season starts tomorrow !! We’re super excited to announce our official partnership with Rancho La Aguja coming into fruition, as the weather finally allowed us to set up all of the tents, and tie all of the loose ends that we needed to finalize the pre-season set up. We’re proud to announce that we’re good to go, and we’re thirsty for some different reefs and bluewater spots hopefully teeming with big fish.

Diving For A Cause


Our Bi-Annual partnership with Diving For A Cause is taking place yet again. More than a hundred pounds of fish will be donated as well as a lot of school and sporting goods that will provide kids in schools and an orphanage a very much needed boost to their current situation. We’re always happy to be a part of this great effort, giving back to our community is important to us, and we’re looking forward to seeing their young faces light up with hope and of course have a lot of fun.