Falling into Fall

It’s pretty amazing when you can feel the season change from one moment to another. We fell into fall last weekend as we felt the temperatures drop a couple degrees and have that fresh breeze blowing the summer vibes away and get us motivated for one of our favorite seasons of the year. Now that October rolled around we have a few announcements we’d like to make before we discuss the fishing over the last couple of weeks.

Read on to see what we’ve been up to and what we’re looking forward to as well…

New Office!


If you’ve been here before, you know how we started small and kept it that way for a couple of years. Now the time has come to live up to our determination to grow to be the very best adventure company in Baja, and the next step is a small but pretty meaningful expansion. Now It’s official as we’ve upgraded our multi-functional office to have a Gear Room, Kitchen, Store and Business Center. When you come and visit us, you will first visit the business center which is where we take care of business, get you checked in and ready for adventure, then we’re off to the Gear Room where we make sure everyone has the right fit; Meanwhile our staff will be prepping your lunch in the kitchen and if you get to bring some fish back, we’ll clean it, vacuum pack it and freeze it for you to take home. If this isn’t enough you can browse through our store for T-Shirts, Hats, Coozies, Stickers and more merch we’re developing for the upcoming season.

We’re really excited to be able to provide a wholesome experience for all of our guests, and this is the main reason we’ve been working so hard to materialize our dreams and turn them to reality.

Whaleshark, Magbay and Pacific Camp Seasons are here!


We’ve seen a few whalesharks making their way into the bay, and as soon as the latest monitoring and individual counts become official, we will be given a green light to begin one of our favorite activities which is swimming next to the largest fish in the whole world. Furthermore, we have a determination to be the very best whalehsark operators in town and our team of Marine Biologist guides will be happy to make your experience both thrilling and educational.

Although we had to postpone our first MagBay expedition due to Hurricane Sergio, we’re still on schedule to begin one of the most prolific fishing seasons of the year, with the typical Marlin Run that takes place in October/November. This also means that we will begin to set up our camp in the Pacific, which caters mostly to our spearfishing clients who are after the off-grid, rugged, outback experience.

Fall Fishing is still off the Hook!

Water is still considerably warm and the visibility has remained excellent. We haven’t had to go very far to find what we’re after. Tuna bite still wide open, and the weight has been ranging between 60-100 pounds. Dorado have been liking the live bait a lot more than the tuna, but that hasn’t kept us from hooking some of those too. Finally, the billfish are starting to size up and are beginning to be worth taking back to the table.

Our spearfishing branch has been quite busy as well, landing mostly Tuna and Wahoo.

Our Crewmembers are pumped!

The Captain team are the backbone of our company, and with the combination of their knowledge and expertise, we’re confident we will see yet another epic season, It’s just a matter of making up your mind, getting down here and let the good times roll. Weather is as good as it can be, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, and we’re super hyped for fall season.

Until the next report, we hope to sea you soon !