Rancho La Aguja

Rancho La Aguja – Fishing and Spearfishing heaven

The Pacific coast of Baja is largely undeveloped and left alone. Many places are difficult to access and receive significantly less tourist traffic than other towns in Southern Baja, and that’s exactly why we love it.

The waters here are pristine, untouched, and loaded with fish — we’d love to take you here. For Spearfishing and Sportfishing in the Pacific, we offer a multi-day trip based out of our camp in Rancho La Aguja Located only a few feet from the beach, where we launch our Pangas from.

This destination is the perfect fit for the true adventurers seeking the off-grid adventure while having the basic necessities of comfort met, Baja style.

The Pacific

Only 1 hour from La Paz, Rancho La Aguja is our gateway to the Pacific ocean. Our camp is set up with all the necessary amenities to fish out at the remote Pacific fishing spots without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Available Activities