San Evaristo

San Evaristo – Our Most Remote Adventure

San Evaristo is a tiny fishing village located in a remote bay on the Sea of Cortez. This place has a special vibe that will make you feel right at home even though you’re far away and off the grid.

The fishing in this area is spectacular and offers a great variety of reefs, deep rocks, and blue water spots teaming with fish. We offer multi-day trips for both spearfishing and sportfishing to San Evaristo. It’s one of our most rugged destinations and is perfect for those with a true passion for adventure.

Located in a protected bay in front of Isla San Jose, San Evaristo offers a natural marina, the village is populated by fisherman and their families, in fact, we have partnered with our captain Antonio “Guero” to offer you the best possible experience. He has been fishing this waters since he was a kid and his knowledge of the area is second to none.  His wife Rosy is in charge of cooking the catch of the day with homemade fresh tortillas every evening.

Available Activities

San Evaristo

Fishing or diving out of San Evaristo is like stepping back in time to the golden days of Baja. There are no fancy resorts or restaurants near San Evaristo. Making it one of the last untouched fishing destinations. Come join us and discover why San Evaristo is our favorite spot in the world.