Close But No Dice

Weather & Bait


We are now officially in the hot soggy days of summer. The mornings coromuel winds are nice and refreshing giving way to our typical hot and humid afternoons.

This week we had our first but, normal for this time of year, isolated thunderstorms ( torito ). These storms pop up out of nowhere and can definitely catch you off guard if you not paying attention to the clouds building up in he afternoon. Nothing to play around with. If you see this starting to occur its best to hightail it back to shore and order a margarita. Even though our weather is saying summertime the water is not.

We are still experiencing unstable water conditions. Normally this time of year the water is in the mid 80’s and clear marine blue. We had a couple of groups this week spearfishing and reported a heavy thermocline of cold water at the 50ft mark causing the water to be off color and low levels of oxygen. I solidly believe for this reason the fish have not settled into their traditional summer feeding grounds.

Sardines are still being found around Tecolote, you can purchase them on your way out and chihuil and bolitos can be made on the seamounts. We have slabs of squid for sale at the office. If your interested please let your captain know.

Fish Talk


Dorado are plentiful anywhere you can find sargasso patties. These fish are mixed in size from 5-25lbs. Please release the little guys as there’s not much meat to harvest but due to their rapid growth rate these little peanuts will be respectable size later in the season.

There are plenty of Striped Marlin 80-100 lbs and a few larger blues starting to make a showing. Regarding the tuna well they’re still pretty much a no show. A few sitings around the island traveling under porpoises but finding them on any given day is a crap shoot. Cabrilla, Pargo and triggerfish are still on the rocky spots. They’re great eating and fun on light tackle. AmberJacks are still up north around San Jose Island and are being shot by our pistoleros but not much luck on rod and reel.

We are still very hopeful that with our summer weather pattern now in place the water will warm up and let the Pelagic’s settle in.

With a pretty solid week of charters lined up, hopefully our sampling size will be larger and will have more to report on next Sunday.

That’s it for this week

Keep the faith