Amberjack is Back !

Earlier in the week, we had reports the wahoo were starting to go on the chew at the south end of Cerralvo and tuna spotting at Punta Norte; Unfortunately, the winds started back up and blew hard by midweek. This made for tough fishing since the water conditions also changed.

The beginning of the week the terrafin report was showing a nice blue pocket of water from the south end of Cerralvo through East Cape with water reaching 80 degrees and great visibility. This has also changed as well as the fishing. late spring traditionally brings these cold water upwelling in, turning the water green and murky, its like winters last gut punch before fishing turns the corner and the Pelagic’s return. That certainly stirred up the water a bit and by the time we got there the tides had turned on us and the Tuna were nowhere to be seen. However, there still was plenty of skipjack hookups and of course some medium size Cabrilla and Pargo that kept fresh fish on our guest’s tables for a couple of days before we scored bigger fish this weekend.

Our Spearfishing branch Pistoleros Del Mar had a few charters lined up for the week, and the crew definitely pulled their fair share of fish, this time though, there seemed to be a more noticeable presence of the sought after Amberjack, known as Pez Fuerte which put on a good fight (hence the name “Strong Fish” in Spanish). These battles usually end quickly as they can get you in the rocks in seconds. The few that are landed have been in the 60-80 pound class.

They typically glide around these waters during May & June, and they also happen to smoke really well. We saved a collar and some other chunks and did a few hours on a RecTec grill with apple pellets. The whole team was delighted with how the meat turned out. The rest of the weekend’s tally currently sits in our deep freezer, which is almost full to the brim.


Next week’s forecast is looking alright and we’re expecting a couple more parties to join us both rod & reel and spearfishing alike. We’re putting some feelers out there and hopefully, we’ll be at the right place at the right time once the weather stabilizes a bit more, we’re expecting the consistency and quality that June and the rest of the summer months offer. Though we’re also running conventional tours, the Sea Lion colonies will begin their reproductive seasons, which restricts snorkeling and diving activities, giving our guests a chance to experience our fishing trips.

The yellowtail are still hanging in there but becoming more Scarce. My guess is their days are numbered.
Assuming the water conditions become more favorable in the following days I wouldn’t be surprised to see the wahoo and tuna return quickly to their normal haunts, while we continue to stock up the freezers with Amberjack, so we’re pretty sure to say they are back!

Keep the faith