The fertile waters surrounding the southern tip of the Baja peninsula are home to the most prized gamefish in the world, and we know how to find them. No matter when you visit, our sportfishing charters will take you to the best destinations in the Sea of Cortez and East Pacific to put you on the fish.

About Our Sportfishing Trips

Every sportfishing trip we offer is entirely custom-tailored to the desires of you and your group. We are extremely flexible and will design a trip to give you the best Baja sportfishing experience possible.

When you book a trip with us, let us know:

  • Number of days you’d like to fish
  • Number of anglers in your group
  • Species you’d like to target
  • Style of fishing you’d like to do (conventional, spinning, fly)
  • Specific areas you’d like to fish

We’ll take your information and requests and create a trip specifically for your group. Depending on the season and destination, we may offer modifications or alternatives to ensure you have the most success on the water. Every destination has a prime time, so feel free to ask for our recommendation when you book.

Once your trip is booked, we’ll be awaiting your arrival in La Paz or Los Cabos!

Why Fish with BACo.

Our sportfishing charters will take you to the most fertile waters around the southern tip of the peninsula. We offer full day sport fishing adventures out of Los Cabos and La Paz, where a great variety of gamefish await you.

We normally fish with bait, but also troll with lures and jig at the deeper pinnacles. Our experienced crew will assist and can accommodate the inexperienced or most advanced anglers.

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Sportfishing Locations

La Paz is our hub, however, we fish all around Baja, check out our other awesome locations. We can make custom packages to all locations.


A few more reasons to book with us

Access to the best sportfishing waters in Baja

We offer trips out of La Paz and Los Cabos and have camps in San Evaristo and Magbay. Each destination offers access to incredible inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing with opportunities to catch pelagics such as yellowfin tuna, marlin, and wahoo, and reef fish like grouper, snapper, pargo, and much more.

Single and multi-day trips available

Fit all the fishing you can handle into your vacation itinerary with our flexible and customizable sportfishing trips. Join us for an action-packed single day on the water or head out on a multi-day excursion to fully experience the rugged natural beauty and world-class fishing of Baja.

We partner with the best local captains

To maximize your fishing success, we enlist the expertise of local captains in all of our destinations. These professionals are on the water every day and know what it takes to find and catch the big ones.

Specialized guides for every style of fishing

Want to troll offshore banks for marlin? Cast spinning gear for roosterfish? Outwit lunkers with a fly rod? We’ve got you covered. Simply let us know your preferred style of fishing and we’ll match you up with the best guide for the job.

When you book with us, you’re in charge

No schedule, no rush, no hurry. We go where you want and stay as long as you’d like. You tell us what kind of fish you’d like to catch and how you’d like to catch them and we’ll take you to the best spots for the hottest action. You’re in charge and we’re there to give you the best experience possible with the highest level of service and attention.