Freediving with BACo. Thanks, but no Tanks…

Have you ever wanted to dive without the hassle of tanks and hoses?


Are you ready to discover your body’s natural ability to dive like a marine mammal?


Do you want to experience the serene and enchanting rapture of the deep?


Are you interested in spearfishing and want to challenge yourself?


Here at BACo, we have worked side by side with one of our best colleagues, Manuel Gonzalez, a renowned local free diving Instructor. We have partnered up to offer his training services, expertise, and experience in the discipline of freediving.

You can get certified as a level 1, 2 and 3 freediver under AIDA International’s standards of safety and training, which are recognized in the world’s most prestigious competitions.

All this goes on gradually, with a theoretical foundation and exercises that slowly build up to a gentle transition from knee-deep waters to the deeper blue.

After a freediving training you will be able to:

      • Feel at ease and relaxed while underwater.
      • Hold your breath for longer than you thought you could.
      • Dive deeper than you thought you were capable of.
      • Be mindful of safety and know how to react in an emergency scenario


    Remember when you dove for quarters at the pool? Freediving is the adult version of this game, and if you’re the kind of person that gets out of the comfort zone, this is definitely for you… Tell us about the deepest you’ve ever dove or the longest you could hold your breath for, and we’ll gladly help you break your own records.


Per Person

Day Trip


Minimum 2 passengers
      • Duration: 8 hours
      • Season: Apr – Nov
      • Departure: La Paz
Please contact us for “Todos Santos” or “Los Cabos” departures

What to bring

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What's included

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What's not included

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Available Destinations