May 12th – 19th, Fishing Keeps getting better

The season continues to slowly improve. This week we finally had fewer windy days, looks like this is trending. This should start to stabilize the water conditions allowing the fish to settle into their typical summer patterns. Bait is not an issue as we are still able to make plenty of mackerel and caballitos in the bay and sardines are plentiful and nice size for sale in various bays on the way out to the fishing grounds.

Earlier this week we had an upwelling turning the water green and dirty, but as I write this report we are already seeing an improvement.
The seamounts are full of barriletes, not great eating but a blast to catch on light tackle.
We had one boat slow trolling a live bonito on the seamounts earlier this week and pinned a 60 pound Cubera Snapper, (released).

The Yellowtail are still making a showing but it’s evident they’re on the way out.

May is traditionally the time when the Amberjack , Pez Fuerte move in. We had a few spearfishing groups his week doing their thing on the seamount and were rewarded with a few giants, check out the pics.
We’re hopeful as our summer weather continues to develop the fishing will improve as well.

Cabrilla and smaller snapper are still on the chew on the normal spots surrounding the islands with plenty of Triggerfish keeping our anglers busy.
Hopefully fishing will continue to improve and should have more to report in the following weeks.
Will keep you posted.
Keep the faith